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Why Smart Water Meters Are Good And Their Top 3 Benefits! 

May 30, 2023 | 7 comments

Why smart water meters are good and top 3 benefits

What is a smart water meter?

A smart water meter uses a wireless connection, taking water consumption readings remotely and providing water usage data 24/7. The water meter automatically sends your readings to your supplier every 30 minutes, meaning no more estimated bills.

There are several advantages of smart water meters, including:

Saving Money: Using a smart water meter can help you reduce your water consumption, providing a cost-benefit by showing you precisely what you are using – an excellent tool for budgeting! And only paying for the water that has been used.

Leak Detection: The smart meter is not for billing purposes; the main purpose is to help you and Severn Trent Water find leaks quicker and minimise water wastage. You’ll be able to identify consumption inefficiencies, detect excessive consumption or water leaks, and avoid unnecessary billing or expensive repairs.

Environmental Benefits: Smart meters, including energy and water, help improve our overall consumption awareness. By changing our behavioural habits and making informed decisions about our consumption together, we could decrease emissions from homes and businesses by 2030.

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In summary, the advantages of having a smart water meter include greater control and measurement of consumption to help homes save money, avoid water leaks and encourage water conservation.

The UK could face potential water shortages by 2050 if action is not taken to conserve supplies. The average consumer in England uses 142 litres of water a day.

A Green Partnership

Brays pipelines are working alongside Severn Trent Water to encourage the rollout of the smart water meter to significantly contribute to preventing water shortages.

The positive news is that homes in Coventry* can participate in the Green Project and have a smart water meter fitted for free. The more homes taking steps towards water conservation, the less likely the UK will be affected by the

predicted water shortages and consequently reduced the overall demand for water resources.

The gains and advantages far outweigh any disadvantages; if you want to speak to our experienced water engineers about the Green project, water leaks, or to learn more about smart water meters, don’t hesitate to contact us today.