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Is There A Grant To Replace Lead Water Pipes

Dec 14, 2023 | 5 comments

We are in an era where environmental sustainability and public health are paramount. And we are transforming how we approach our water supply systems, especially efforts to replace lead pipes.

 Understanding the need to change lead water pipes.

Lead pipes, once a standard in plumbing, have become a source of concern due to the health risks associated with lead contamination. Lead, a toxic metal, can leach into the water supply, posing significant health risks, particularly to children and pregnant women.

A question often arises in this context: “Is there a grant available to replace lead pipes?”

At the heart of an environmental initiative is the Green Recovery Grant Scheme. This scheme is a pivotal part of the project, offering financial assistance to homeowners looking to replace lead pipes. The grant aims to relieve the financial burden of such replacements, especially during the cost of living crisis.

We are proud to be an approved partner working alongside Severn Trent Water on their green project, offering qualifying homes within the CV1, CV2, CV3, CV4, CV5, CV6 postcode or pay Coventry city council tax the opportunity to have a completely new underground water service completely free of charge (worth up to £1300). 

A Cleaner, Greener Water Supply

Why choose Brays Pipelines to replace your lead pipework?

We are WaterSafe-approved contractors with 20+ years of experience.

Our family-run business has worked for private and commercial customers in the water services industry for many years. We were founded in 2000 by owner Neil Bray after years of experience in the industry. Our dedicated, fully experienced team can repair or renew your property’s burst and damaged water supply pipes.

Why Choose Brays

What does the  Severn Trent Green Project include? 

 This includes a new water supply relayed in MDPE plastic pipe, a new connection into the property with a new internal stop tap, and a new connection to the roadside with an individual controlling boundary box (tap). 

If you are worried about the disruption while replacing lead water pipes, don’t be. Our expertise water engineers create minimal disruption, and you can review one of our latest case studies below.


Can I reduce lead levels in the short term if I have lead pipes? 

 To ensure the safety of your drinking and cooking water, it’s essential to flush out any water that has been stagnant in the pipes for an extended period, such as overnight. Typically, filling a washing-up bowl should be sufficient to clear the pipes of standing water.

 However, let the tap run longer if your service pipe is particularly long. A helpful tip is to feel the water temperature change with your fingers, indicating that fresh mains water is coming through. Once you’ve done this, you can use your kitchen tap as usual.

 While this is a good temporary solution to safeguard your family’s health, addressing the root cause is crucial if lead pipes or other lead sources are present in your plumbing. Replacing these pipes at the earliest opportunity is highly recommended for long-term safety.

To determine if you have lead pipes, click here for our step-by-step guidance.


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