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Brays Pipelines sponsors local business awards

Jul 18, 2023 | 6 comments

As businesses continue to thrive and compete in the ever-changing economic landscape, it’s important to recognise and celebrate those who stand out from the crowd. That’s why the Chad Business Awards were created – to honour the best of the best in the Mansfield and Ashfield business community.

Brays Sponsor Chad Awards

From innovative startups to established industry leaders, the awards recognise businesses of all sizes and sectors that have significantly impact the local economy and community. With categories ranging from entrepreneurship to sustainability, the Chad Business Awards showcase the diverse and dynamic nature of the business community. The awards ceremony is a highly anticipated event, bringing together business leaders, entrepreneurs, and community members to celebrate and network. 

The business community is vital to any economy, providing individuals with jobs, goods, and services. As such, it’s important to recognise and celebrate those businesses that go above and beyond in their contributions to the local community and help make events like the business awards with their valuable sponsorship support; one of the award sponsorships this year includes Brays Pipelines. 

Previous sponsors of the chad business awards

After years of experience in the water industry, Neil had the opportunity to launch his own water service business in 2000, and the rest is history, as they say. Neil has built an established Mansfield business with a credible reputation and a team that cares about the service they provide. They are proud main contractors for local authorities and Severn Trent Water, along with insurance companies which speaks volumes about the trust and reliability Brays Pipelines has established.

Award ceremonies encourage businesses to reflect on their achievements and open doors for networking and raising the brand awareness. It’s an absolute pleasure to sponsor this annual event that inspires businesses to celebrate and strive for more.

Recognising excellence in the business community can have numerous benefits. For one, it can be a source of inspiration and motivation for other businesses to strive for greatness. It can also help build a sense of community and collaboration among business leaders and entrepreneurs. By celebrating the achievements of others, we can create a culture of support and encouragement that benefits everyone.

Neil Bray

Founder, Bbray's Pipeline

Sponsoring the small business category at the awards showcases Brays Pipelines’ commitment to supporting fellow businesses and reflects their dedication to celebrating and inspiring success within the community. 

 Recognising excellence in the business community can attract new businesses and investment to the area. When companies see that a community values and rewards excellence, they are more likely to consider it a place to set up shop. 

 This can lead to job creation, economic growth, and a more robust, vibrant local economy, and Brays Pipelines are proud to be part of this.