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Why apply to get your water pipes replaced?

Nov 16, 2022

We work with Severn Trent Water to make sure we all have plenty of clean water – today, tomorrow and in the years to come. This is why we are working with Severn Trent to help upgrade customers’ old water supply pipes – at no cost as part of the Green project.

The Green project is part of the cleaner, greener water scheme to help protect customer water supply pipes.

Why protect your water supply

Your supply pipe links your home to the water mains and brings fresh water to your home every day.
You may have older water pipes if your house was built before 1970. Older pipes can bring risks of leaks or even be made from lead.

Updating and replacing main water pipes can cost up to £3,000 as the supply pipe to your home is your responsibility, not the misconception that it’s the responsibility of Severn Trent.

Brays Pipeline is part of the rollout scheme for the green project aiming to upgrade existing water supply pipes in over 25,000 homes in Coventry. We could replace your old supply pipe with a new, industry-standard 25mm plastic pipe.


Save water and money with a new supply pipe.

Upgrading to a new, plastic water supply pipe means you’ll reduce the risk of leaks which could save water and money on repairs.

Remove the risk of harmful lead.

Lead in your water supply can be harmful in some cases; removing it means wonderful water for your household.

Improve your water flow

Old pipes can narrow over time, affecting your water flow; a new plastic supply pipe can mean a more reliable water supply.

Save on costs

Your supply pipe is your responsibility; replacing it can cost up to £3,000. As part of this scheme, we are replacing pipes at no cost, and we’ll do the work for you.

Reduce your carbon footprint

A lot of work goes into cleaning water, so it’s safe to use. Upgrading your pipes mean fewer leaks, less wonderful water wasted, and less energy used.

How to get your pipes replaced

Find out if you qualify for the Coventry City new water supply here and complete our online form. Our experienced team member will then discuss the next steps to a cleaner, greener, brand-new water supply.