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We’ve been nominated for one of Severn Trent Water’s Awesome Awards! 

Oct 12, 2022 | 3 comments

Have you ever thought about a day without water? No morning cup of tea, no wake me up shower, no pile of washing sorted, no dishes cleaned, no relaxing bath. And that’s just the start. Think about the hospitals, nursing homes and schools that wouldn’t be able to function and the businesses that rely on water for their services to be successfully delivered. 

This is why we think our job as underground water specialist is incredible but to be nominated as a Supplier of the Year by Severn Trent is humbling for team Brays Pipelines. 

Here’s why Severn Trent has nominated us for their annual awesome awards for their supply chain: 

‘Brays Pipelines have been in and around our business for several years, offering an out-of-hours customer emergency call-out operation on internal repairs, blockages, boiler work etc. 

With their expertise in private side operations, I contacted them on behalf of the Green Recovery protecting customer supply pipes programme to see if they were willing to support the project in its early trials. 

Brays Pipelines were more than willing to provide us with experienced plumbers; they started inspecting customers’ properties on behalf of Severn Trent; once they were off and running, they then supported the upskilling of our own staff, sharing the knowledge of internal water systems and the complications that can come with this when customers have extended their properties or carried their own DIY hiding or boxing in pipework. 

Brays pipelines allowed us to get our project off the ground by supplying an expert service that we had found difficult to come by on the size and scale we needed, I do genuinely believe they cared about the programme and really brought into the positive customer benefits we are trying to deliver.

 Brays are available 24/7/365 to us, which gives us great peace of mind and offers our customers the service they deserve.

 We would be lost without such companies in our business.’

Here’s how we feel about our award nomination:

Neil Bray, Director of Brays Pipelines, commented on the nomination from Severn Trent: ‘We’ve worked with Severn Trent for several years on many types of projects, from small water leaks at private properties to large burst pipes that have flooded and lifted main roads.

We treat Severn Trent the same way we treat our private property call-outs, and that’s with care, compassion and reassurance that we can get the job done. To be nominated and acknowledged for the service we deliver as one of Severn Trent’s suppliers is a great boost for the team.’