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How do you repair a mains water leak?

Sep 1, 2022 | 2 comments

Every drop of clean water is precious. Unfortunately, 30 – 50% of water is lost through ageing infrastructure, which can lead to increased household water bills for homes with a water meter. Mains water leaks can be caused by leaks and cracks in pipes and their fittings.

Since most infrastructure is underground, it can be virtually impossible to visually determine the location of these leaks unless the water has reached the surface and the exact location may be indeterminate. By using the latest water leak detection technologies and pipe leak detection methods, Brays Pipeline engineers can find the leaks at your property without digging big trenches, meaning we can generally locate and fix the problem with minimal disruption to you. 

Mains water leak detection methods– what you need to know.

As leak detection specialists will use several Leak detection technologies to help detect an underground water leak. 

When you have a below ground water leak, a specialist acoustic listening device will identify leak sounds and pinpoint the exact location of hidden underground leaks without the need for manual investigation, limiting the disruption time and labour costs. 

Another method of water leak detection is Sonde. This method can help pin-point blockages or pipeline defects with video inspection systems. The location of a non-metallic pipe, duct blockage or leak can be identified using the system.

We also use the Ferret Leak Locator to efficiently find and fix water leaks, even in plastic pipes. The Ferret is inserted into the pipe at any opening, and then it works its way up the pipe until it discovers the leak. A balloon in the Ferret then inflates and stays there. We then trace where the Ferret is.

The leak can then be excavated, the defective section of pipework cut out, and a new piece installed.

Leak detection technologies can offer enormous cost-saving potential and avoids the disturbance of gardens, patios and driveways. 

How important is leak detection, and Is water leak detection an emergency? 

Available and emerging technologies are designed to detect and prevent physical water losses. The accumulation of losses over long durations can result in significant losses even from insignificant leaks. Not only can it cost you money, but it can also wreak havoc in your home, damaging walls, floors, and even its very foundation. Leaks can also result in contaminated drinking water and be harmful to health. Water leak detection is an important habit to cultivate for homeowners. And if water can get out, impurities (soil, bacteria, organics, etc.) can get in and impair the quality of the water, even rendering it unfit to drink.

If you are experiencing a water leak on your property, or you’re having problems with your water bills, and you can’t see where the water is coming from, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Brays Pipeline. We have over 20 years of experience locating and repairing mains water leaks and using the latest detection technologies.

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