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Case Study: Green Project – Lead Pipe Replacement Using No Dig Technology

Mar 16, 2023 | 8 comments

Lead pipe replacement case study for a home in Coventry using the latest no dig technology.

Lead pipe replacement case study for a home in Coventry using the latest no dig technology. 

When residents hear about the opportunity for free lead pipe replacements for homes in Coventry, we often listen to concerns about any hidden additional costs and if the grant for £1300 does cover the costs of the lead pipe replacement or will the resident be left with lawns, hedges or driveways in need of repair after being dug up to make the underground water pipe replacement. 

Brays pipelines only use the latest technology for installation ensuring residents are left with their property virtually as we’ve found it. 

Brays Pipelines use trenchless Moling Technology.

Our team of experts use the latest no-dig technology to enable us to replace lead pipes and install new pipework with minimum disruption to your property and surrounding environment. For this lead pipe replacement project in Coventry, we use Mole technology.

Moling is a trenchless method for laying pipes underground, including lead pipe replacement. It makes the installation quick, speedy and efficient – reducing your project time by a considerable amount.  This is an efficient solution when in need of a lead pipe replacement.

The key benefits of moling trenchless technology: 

  • Minimal disruption to your property, garden and drive. 
  • It reduces the necessity for road closures and disruption to the general public.
  • Faster installation times – making it a quick and efficient technique
  • Less damaging to the environment 

As demonstrated in the images below, this property is beautifully rendered, and we kept it completely intact during the installation process. Minimal disruption was made to the pavement and left fully covered, presentable and safe.  

A mole is a soil displacement hammer that our engineers safely control to punch through the ground to the next excavation point, usually 10 -20 meters away. Once the mole has travelled through the ground, the soil is compacted outwards to create a smooth borehole which allows new pipework – in this case study, we replaced their lead pipework with plastic pipework. 

Led pipe replacement using dig technology. Befoe photo

You can see from our process images that the installation was quick and didn’t need any unsightly trenches to replace lead pipework with cleaner, greener pipework. 

Led pipe replacement using dig technology. After photo

Don’t delay – Find out more about the Green Project

So if the thought of you having to dig up your beautiful home is putting you off applying for the free lead replacement grant currently being offered to homes in Coventry, then we hope we have helped demonstrate how quick, easy and tidy the process is. Don’t delay – find out all the details on our green project page or contact us directly using the link below.